Engine Block Repairs

Engine Block Repair Services

We have invested in The TS1000 BlockMaster Automated CNC Machine which means we can machine any block, whether V-8, V-6, inline, 90 degree or 60 degree. This machine has the fastest floor to floor time possible on any CNC boring mill, which means our turnaround time is second to none.

Reboring The Engine Block

The rebore machine is used to either machine the block to the new oversize factory specification or to resleeve the block to the original standard factory specification.

Surface Milling The Engine Block

The cylinder block surface is machined with the reboring machine’s milling cutter to ensure that the surface of the engine block is level.

Honing The Engine Block

During the rebore process, the cylinder bores are machined to within 0.05mm of the final factory specification. The honing machine is then used to hone the cylinders in the final process to ensure that the correct cross hatch pattern and factory specification are achieved in each of the bores.

Line Boring The Engine Block

The linebore machine is used to machine the main housings or main journal tunnel to the original factory specification so that the crankshaft will turn freely when reassembled. After fitting semi-finished cam bearings to the engine block, they are also machined with the linebore machine.