Crankshaft Repairs

Steps To Repair Your Crankshaft

Crankshaft repairs start with crack testing in the magnetic crack detecting machine under ultraviolet light to ensure that they are free of any cracks, after which they are checked for alignment and ‘runout’ in the crankshaft grinding machine. Worn crankshafts are machined to the next factory specified undersize. The crankshaft main and bigend journals are measured and compared to the allowable journal undersizes to ensure that they can be repaired.

Checking The Crankshaft For Alignment

The alignment and ‘runout’ are checked in the crankshaft grinding machine before any grinding can be done.

Checking The Crankshaft Journals For Cracks

The magnetic crack detecting machine is then used with an ultraviolet light to check for any possible cracks.

Grinding The Crankshaft Journals

Once the crankshaft has passed through all of these processes, the main and bigend journals are then machined in the crankshaft grinder to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Polishing The Crankshaft

After the grinding process has been completed, the crankshaft is polished to ensure the correct journal finish is obtained.