Cylinder Head Repairs

Cylinder Head Repairs Process

Our cylinder head repairs process involves stripping and chemically cleaning the cylinder heads, then examining them for any damaged parts. A straight edge and feeler gauge are used on the cylinder head surface and camshaft tunnel to check for any possible warping that may have occurred. The cylinder head is crack tested to identify any cracks and then pressure tested in our hot water pressure testing machine to check for leaks.

Valves & Valve Guides

The valves and valve guides are checked for wear and alignment. The valves are then refaced with our valve refacing machine. The worn valve guides are removed and new valve guides fitted. These guides are then reamed to factory specification.

Valve Seats

The valve seats are then machined with the valve seat boring machine.

Surface Milling

The cylinder head surface is machined with a surface milling machine to ensure a smooth surface for the cylinder head application.

The Finished Product

Once all of the machine work has been completed, the cylinder head is cleaned and then vacuum tested to ensure that the valves are seating correctly. Finally the cylinder head is assembled and set to factory specification, ready for fitment in the engine assembly process.