Common Causes Of Crankshaft Failures

Crankshaft repairs are required for a number of reasons, and this isn’t an engine issue you want to ignore when it strikes. The reality is that crankshafts can only be repaired in very specific cases. Most of the time, you’re better off replacing your crankshaft to avoid risking damaging the engine further with an improperly repaired crankshaft. Below we’re unpacking the five most common causes of crankshaft failures:

  1. Overloading the engine
    Sometimes we push our engines to their limits without thinking about the dangers and damage that this could be causing to the engine and its parts. Overloading can cause crankshaft failure by exceeding the maximum load capacity of the crankshaft. This can cause the crankshaft to bend, twist, or break, leading to engine failure.
  2. General fatigue
    Like most old things, with continued use and possibly not enough maintenance, fatigue can lead to things breaking. Fatigue can cause crankshaft failure due to the repeated stress and strain on the crankshaft over its lifetime. As the crankshaft is constantly exposed to stress and pressure, it can develop microscopic cracks that can eventually lead to the crankshaft failing.
  3. Improper lubrication
    Most people don’t give much thought to the oil and other lubricants being poured into their engines. However, excellent lubrication is one of the best preventative measures against crankshaft failure and other engine issues. Improper lubrication can cause crankshaft failure by increasing friction and heat in the engine. This can cause the crankshaft to wear down and eventually break.
  4. Corrosion
    Corrosion is an issue for many things in our lives, including electronics and the very buildings we live and work in. Corrosion can cause a crankshaft to fail by eating away at the metal and causing it to weaken over time. This can cause the crankshaft to eventually fail, ultimately leading to an overall engine breakdown.
  5. Improper installation
    This point highlights the vital importance of getting engine parts repaired and installed by the professionals. Improper crankshaft installations can cause the crankshaft to become misaligned or damaged, leading to failure. This can be caused by incorrect torque specifications, incorrect balance, or other installation issues. Improper installation can also increase the stress on the crankshaft, causing it to fail faster.

Professional crankshaft repairs in KZN

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