How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Cracked Cylinder Head?

Repairing a cracked cylinder head can easily end up costing over R50,000, especially if the crack is not repairable and the head needs to be replaced. Some cracks aren’t as serious, and can only end up costing a few thousand Rands. It really does depend on the severity of the damage and the make and model of the vehicle. This article is unpacking a few signs of a cracked cylinder head, and factors that impact the price of repairing one.

Signs of a cracked cylinder head

Think your cylinder head could be cracked? If your vehicle is doing some strange things and you’re not sure why, here are a few common symptoms of a cracked cylinder head:

  • Coolant
    If there is a sudden drop in your engine coolant level, or your coolant temperature is spiking, a cylinder head could be in bad shape.
  • Engine oil
    Just like coolant levels dipping, a cylinder head crack will result in lost engine oil. Keep a close eye on your engine oil level if you suspect an issue.
  • Performance
    A very common sign of a cracked cylinder head is a drop in the engine’s performance. This is usually very noticeable, and will be felt while the vehicle is in operation.
  • Smoke
    One final sign that a cylinder head might be cracked is when a vehicle’s engine is spewing excessive smoke from the exhaust pipe.

The cylinder head testing process

This involves stripping and chemically cleaning a cylinder head, then inspecting it for any damaged parts or cracks. A straight edge and feeler gauge are used on the surface and camshaft tunnel to check for any possible warping. The cylinder head is crack tested to identify any cracks and then pressure tested in a hot water pressure testing machine to check for leaks.

Is refurbishing worth it?

It’s always a tough decision when faced with repairing or replacing an engine part. There are pros and cons of each. There are three reasons a cylinder head refurbishment is a good idea:

  1. Affordability
    Refurbishing a cylinder head will, in most cases, cost you much less than buying a brand-new cylinder head directly from the manufacturer.
  2. Product value
    Some engine parts can cost small fortunes to replace, so aim to get the most value out of your original parts with refurbishment.
  3. No delays
    Refurbishing a cylinder head is a medium-term fix, but it can commence immediately and get the engine up and running like new quicker.

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Get repairs for a cracked cylinder head

There’s one Durban engine repair shop that can machine any type of engine, and that’s Eagleharm Engineering. We have the equipment to expertly assess, clean, repair or replace, and refurbish engine components including cylinder heads, engine blocks, and crankshafts. Contact Ryan or Todd Harmsworth to discuss booking your engine in for cylinder head repairs in Durban.