What Does An Engine Block Do?

An engine block’s main purpose is to contain and support the vital components of an engine, including the cylinder block and crankcase. It is also responsible for helping to dissipate heat, which is why it is usually made from aluminium or grey cast iron.

If you know a thing or two about internal combustion engines, you’ll know that the engine block is a pretty important component. In fact, some could argue that it’s the most important part of any engine. Think of the engine block as the heart of the engine, on which every other component relies to stay functional. When the engine block breaks down, there’ll be no further engine activity until it is refurbished, repaired or replaced.

Main parts of an engine block

  1. Cylinder blocks
    In the earliest stages of the internal combustion engine, cylinders were usually cast individually. Then manufacturers started combining multiple cylinders within the engine block itself.
  2. Cylinders
    Within the cylinder block are the cylinders, which are tube-shaped cylindrical spaces where the engine’s pistons are located. The cylinders are carefully sized and calibrated to fit the pistons perfectly, and the number of cylinders will determine the size and ultimate power of the engine.
  3. Oil galleries
    Some call these oil channels, oil passages, or oil grooves. These little gaps are essential for the correct functioning of the engine since they allow oil to reach the cylinder head and the crankshaft – where oil is vitally important to ensure proper engine functioning.
  4. Deck & crankcase
    The deck of the engine block is the top surface of the block, where the cylinder head is found. The crankcase houses the crankshaft, usually located on the underside of most modern engine blocks. However, like cylinder blocks, these were originally separate components.
  5. Other important parts
    There are a few minor components of the engine block, but these are by no means unimportant. Engine mounts, ancillary mounts, faults, core plugs, and coolant are all extremely important to ensuring the engine block – and the entire engine – operates as the manufacturer intended.

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