Five Things To Do Before Rebuilding An Engine

Rebuilding an engine is no small feat. The average vehicle has over 30,000 parts, and the engine alone comprises at least 30 parts – before you count all the nuts, bolts, rings and fasteners. Each component needs to be repositioned exactly right when taking an engine apart and rebuilding it. To achieve a truly professional engine rebuild, that greatly extends the life of the engine, there are a few things to do before starting to disassemble it.

  1. Position the vehicle near a hoist

A great idea to start off with is to make sure you can get a hoist to where the engine is located. This will often require some vehicular maneuvering, but it’ll save you a lot of struggles when you eventually get to extracting and reconditioning the engine.

  • Organise your working area

Extracting, taking apart, reconditioning, and reassembling engines require that the engine machinist have access to certain important tools and equipment. Save headaches throughout the engine rebuild by organizing and setting up your working area before.

  • Thoroughly clean the engine

Let’s face it: engines are like magnets for grease, grime, and all sorts of dirt. No engine machinist wants to wade through layers of gunk while working on an engine recondition. Save your soap and rather pre-clean the engine before getting to work loosening bolts.

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  • Remember to drain the sump

One of the biggest rookie errors when attempting a DIY engine recondition (which we’d strongly advise against) is to forget to drain the oil out of the engine before getting to work on it. A sump should be drained well before it is extracted from a vehicle.

  • Have a professional on standby

If you have no choice but to recondition your engine yourself, there’s one golden rule that will always bail you out of trouble: have the professionals on call. Think about partnering with an expert engine reconditioning workshop, or having them on standby to step in and help out should you hit roadblocks.

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