Is Cylinder Head Refurbishment Worth It?

In a recent Eagleharm Engineering article about cylinder head refurbishment vs. replacement, we discuss the differences between new and reconditioned cylinder heads, and things to consider when deciding between reconditioning and replacing yours. In this article, we stay on the trend of cylinder head refurbs, reminding you how to spot a potentially faulty cylinder head, and discuss the three major benefits of cylinder head refurbishment.

Signs of a faulty cylinder head

How do you know if your cylinder head needs attention in the first place? All you know is something isn’t right with the engine. We’ve identified four clear signs a cylinder head is unhealthy, and if you experience any of these you should consult an engine specialist soon.

  • There are drops in your vehicle’s coolant level, or the coolant temperature fluctuates.
  • There is a drastic drop in engine oil level.
  • There is a clear reduction in the engine’s performance.
  • There is excessive smoke coming from the exhaust.

Benefits of refurbishing a cylinder head

There’s always a choice to make when vehicles go out of action because of critical, machinable engine parts breaking down. Do you invest in a brand new part? Or do you recondition the part to the manufacturer’s factory spec instead? We have narrowed the pros of a professional cylinder head refurbishment down to these three:

1. Affordability

If affordability is an issue when your engine’s cylinder head goes on the blink, a refurb will make more sense (at least as a short-term solution to the problem). Refurbishing a cylinder head will, in most cases, cost you less than buying a brand-new cylinder head from the manufacturer. It’s important to consider if the cylinder head has been refurbished before or not though. If there has been a past refurbishment, it might not be eligible for one.

2. Product value

Vehicles and their components really aren’t cheap. Some engines (and even parts) can cost small fortunes to replace, which is why you should be aiming to get the most value out of your original parts – especially critical parts like cylinder heads. Before going ahead and having them replaced, speak to an engine machinist about the possibility of extending the machine’s lifespan with an expert engine refurbishment.

3. No delays

Some engines are powering vehicles which cannot stay inactive for too long, risking potential losses for those who rely on them. As a short- to medium-term solution to a faulty cylinder head, refurbishment can commence immediately and get the engine up and running like new in no time. New engine parts might have to be imported, which means even more downtime and ultimately lost revenue.

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