Cylinder head replacement or refurbishment?

When it comes to faulty engine parts, everyone faces a choice: to replace or to repair. There are a few considerations, but this decision can only realistically be made once an accredited engine workshop has assessed the situation. If you’d like to do some research before making your decision, you’ve found the right article. We’re looking at signs your cylinder heads need attention, and a few differences between new and reconditioned cylinder heads below.

Signs your cylinder heads need attention

A cylinder head that cracks while in operation can completely destroy an engine. The most common sign of cylinder head failure is engine overheating. This is caused by coolant loss, head gasket failure or restricted flow of coolant. Other signs include:

  • Drop in coolant levels or coolant temperature change
  • Drop in engine oil levels
  • Drop in engine performance
  • Smoke coming out of exhaust

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Differences between new and reconditioned cylinder heads

1. Price

The first and most obvious difference between refurbished and new cylinder heads is the price. New cylinder heads will cost considerably more than reconditioned heads (or reconditioning the existing head).

2. Condition

Another major difference will be the condition of the cylinder head. Understandably, reconditioned cylinder heads will look older and more worn than brand new cylinder heads.

3. Lifespan

Most importantly, new cylinder heads will last much longer than refurbished cylinder heads. However, professional cylinder head refurbishing can greatly increase the lifespan of worn cylinder heads.

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Should you recondition or replace cylinder heads?

If your engine is less than 10 years old and the cylinder head hasn’t been refurbished, you can safely recondition your cylinder head. For engines over 10 years old, manufacturers suggest replacing cylinder heads. This also depends on how hard the engine has worked in its life, and how often the engine was serviced. Our advice would be to get an expert engine repairs workshop to take a look and advise you on which option is best.

Professional cylinder head refurbishment in KZN

The core Eagleharm Engineering services consist of refurbishing of small, medium & large petrol and diesel engines. We carry out machining on engine blocks, crankshafts, cylinder heads, and conrods. We recondition engine parts to manufacture specification, including cylinder heads. Contact us to book your engine in for repairs, or find out more about our cylinder head repairs.