The important engine repairs Durban workshops should offer

There are so many engine parts, each with a specific purpose. Some engine parts move, while others spend all their time staying in one position. Engines are put under immense pressures during normal operation – so imagine what an engine goes through when you’re really pushing it to the limit! But don’t worry, this is exactly why engine workshops exist in the first place. This article looks at four important engine repairs services Durban workshops should offer you.

Cylinder Head Repairs

These engine repairs involve stripping, cleaning, machining, and reassembling an engine’s cylinder heads. A straight edge and feeler gauge are used on the head surface and camshaft tunnel to check warping. The cylinder head should also be crack tested to identify any cracks. then pressure tested to check for any leaks. The cylinder head repairs process should also include checking the valves and valve guides, valve seats, and possible surface milling where needed.

Crankshaft Repairs

Repairs to an engine’s crankshaft starts with a serious crack detection session, usually in a magnetic crack detection machine. Next stop is the crankshaft grinding machine where crankshafts are assessed for alignment and “runout”. Worn crankshafts should be machined to the next factory specified undersize, with the main and big-end journals being measured and compared to the allowable journal undersizes.

Conrod Repairs

Another critical engine component is the conrod, and these parts are important to get right when engine fixing is underway. The conrod repairs process starts with assessing the alignment or “roundness” of the part. This will determine whether the conrods can be saved or if they need replacing. From there the process should include replacing small-end bushes, machining the small-end bushings, and machining the big-end housing if necessary.

Engine Block Repairs

Engine workshops with machining tools, like the TS1000 BlockMaster owned by Eagleharm Engineering, can offer another critical engine repair service – engine block repairs. These repairs can include processes like reboring the engine block, surface milling the engine block, honing the engine block, and line boring the engine block. With equipment like the TS1000 in place, an engine repairs workshop can repair any engine block – regardless of size.

Engine Rebuilding & Important Engine Repairs in Durban

Engine fixing workshops should also offer engine rebuilding services, meaning they can repair an engine and accurately reassemble it according to manufacturer guidelines. Eagleharm Engineering offers all the above engine repairs in Durban, and we’re the only engine workshop in KZN that can bore any size engine block. Arrange engine repairs in Durban by getting in touch with us today!