How To Choose The Right Engine Reconditioning Workshop

There’s no doubt that an engine reconditioning workshop is going to charge less to repair an engine than you’d have to pay to replace it. However, this isn’t always the case. Inexperienced engine reconditioners, who don’t have the correct precision machining equipment for the job, could end up costing you just as much as a new engine in damage control. It’s pretty important to choose the right engine repair workshop, but you don’t find them on every street corner, which makes this challenging. So, if you’ve searched the internet for “engine reconditioning workshop near me” and you’re deciding between a few options, here’s what to look for in an engine rebuilding service provider:

Years of experience

Engines have changed quite a bit since the first internal combustion engine fitted into the first-ever automobiles. In the last 50 years since Eagleharm Engineering has been open, we’ve seen petrol and diesel engines evolve. By choosing an engine reconditioning workshop that has been around for a while, you’re partnering with automotive machinists and engine rebuilders who know engines better than most others – and who know just how to get the best performance out of the engines they work on.

Service capabilities

The last thing you want, when looking for an engine repairer for your earth-moving equipment, is to arrive at a workshop that only has the machinery to recondition passenger vehicle engines. Machinery of this nature, like engine block boring equipment, comes in different sizes for different engine refurbishing projects. The ideal engine reconditioning workshop to partner with would be one that has the ability to service any engine you bring to them – regardless of size or condition.

Client testimonials

Choosing an engine repairer is tough. How do you know if the workshop is going to do a good engine reconditioning job before they’ve even grabbed a spanner? There’s only one way, and that’s to look at and read the company’s testimonials. What experiences have past clients had with the workshop? Are there people who swear by the company? Before making your choice of workshop, chat to some people who’ve had positive experiences.

Sector knowledge

Engine reconditioning workshops might claim to be the experts in their field, but how can you verify this? One thing to look for is a depository of industry information, often in the form of a “blog” page on the company’s website. Are they sharing informative articles about their trade? The more information a workshop shares about their industry, the more they likely know about it, which should render them a serious contender for your next engine reconditioning project.

Expert engine reconditioning workshop in Durban

Eagleharm Engineering has been operating in Durban for over 50 years, servicing and rebuilding petrol and diesel engines of all shapes and sizes. We’re the only engine reconditioning workshop in Durban that has machinery big enough to machine some of the largest engine blocks. We’ve collected countless positive testimonials from clients since first opening our workshop doors, and we share much of our sector knowledge on our engine reconditioning blog. Get in touch with our owners, Ryan or Todd Harmsworth, to arrange expert engine reconditioning in Durban!