It’s Official: We’re Better at Engine Block Boring Services!

The recently relocated Eagleharm Engineering workshop has a new machine: a huge TS1000 CNC boring mill from T&S Machines and Tools, Inc. This thing truly defines next-generation industrial engine boring, and reduces the time it takes to finish most machining jobs by more than a bit. Like with any new machine, we decided to take some photographs, which we have on display if you carry on reading. It was a big investment, but the TS1000 CNC has completely enhanced our engine block boring capabilities, and we believe that it will help us deliver better customer service, too.

Meet the TS1000 CNC

Aptly named BlockMaster by its distributors, the TS1000 was designed with one goal: to machine any block. It has the ability to put the cylinders at perfect centre-to-centre positions, from whichever datum plane preferred (dowel pin, bell housing surface, main thrust surface, etc. It has a probe that automatically displays the size of the bores, which means no measuring for the operator. As a bonus, the TS1000 is able to engrave parts with no special programming tools needed. Our workshop is located at 44 Hillclimb Rd, Westmead, Durban .

Why it’s better

Imagine being able to bore the blocks on earth-moving machines, where the hardest part of the job is physically lifting it onto a platform. We can offer block boring services to clients in the road freight (transport trucking) industry now, as well as the earth moving industry. If it’s an engine block, and it needs machining, our machine can do it. Since starting to use ours, the TS1000 has meant that we can do block boring jobs in one fifth of the time it took us before. The quality of work has also been nudged up somewhat, with automation bringing algorithmic precision to each and every project.

What we can do with it

The TS1000 is perfectly programmed for the jobs that our Eagleharm Engineering workshop undertakes. We can bore almost any block from any engine, and we can do it quicker than ever before. We believe that you shouldn’t replace something if you can repair it, and we know that this machine is going to help us save our clients tons of money going forward. Whether you need line boring, re-boring or re-skimming, we’re fully equipped to see to your block machining needs.

PS: We’re also the only workshop in KwaZulu-Natal that has a TS1000! To offer our services to clients across the province, we are able to collect and deliver any parts you need machined. Get in touch with us to arrange a service, or to find out more about the TS1000’s capabilities.