An Engine’s Critical Parts & Their Functions

While every engine part plays a role in keeping your car healthy, certain parts play an especially important role. Your car is a complicated system that requires each major working part to function at an optimal level. Replacing worn or damaged parts will not only keep your car in better shape; it will also keep you and fellow road users safe on the road.

Keep reading to find out more about the most essential engine parts and their roles.

Critical Engine Parts & Their Functions

Some of the most critical engine parts and the function they serve within your car include the following:


This part is the system responsible for the operation of your car’s valves. Essentially, this part is comprised of components that help to optimise the timing and your performance of your engine. It includes smaller parts such as valves, rocker arms, pushrods, lifters, and camshaft, this system regulates your fuel intake, ignition, compression and waste by opening and closing your engine’s valves. Over time, the consistency and movements of the valvetrain start to decrease as the parts begin to wear. Badly timed valve openings can affect your car’s performance and even cause major damage to your engine, making this a highly important part to replace as soon as it begins to wear.


Connecting rods

Forming the link between crankshaft and pistons, connecting rods transfer fuel and forces to the crankpins on the crankshaft. This part pushes and pulls the piston in and out of the cylinder. The eye of the connecting rod on the piston side acts as a mount for the piston pin. This bit is often fitted with a connecting rod bush. These rods are also mounted with bearing shells that sit on the crankshaft pins. The large connecting rod eye splits in order to make it more easily mounted on the crankshaft. A drilled oil channel provides lubrication to the piston pins. These parts are vital to keeping your car running smoothly and need replacing if they bend or fracture or if there is damage on the bearing holder of the rod. Connecting rods can be replaced individually if no other rods are damaged.



These may seem like small parts, but engine gaskets are also essential in the smooth running of your car. These parts keep your engine running in optimal conditional. They help to prevent leaks from joined objects. Over time, they begin to experience wear and tear. When this happens, they get brittle and are more likely to crack. Your car is then far more prone to leaks. Keeping your gaskets replaced is one of the most effective ways to prevent this type of damage from affecting your car’s performance.


Breather hose

Situated within the engine, this pipe releases gases that are trapped within the car’s inner components. When fuel begins to build in a way that is allowed to build pressure, performance is jeopardised. Breather hose parts offer a way to release these gases, routing them back into the carburettor and keeping the gases from being released into the atmosphere.

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