Repairing Engines Before Shutdown: Why It’s a Good Idea

Regardless of where or how internal combustion engines are used, they all need some TLC eventually. With a year-long maintenance plan, keeping both vehicular and machinery engines in good condition is effortless. Unfortunately, repairing under-performing engines is low on most priority lists come the final quarter of the year. This article looks at three reasons why repairing engines before shutdown is a seriously good idea…

The Benefits of Repairing Engines Before Shutdown

Pinpoint Critical Issues in Advance.

The first major benefit of repairing your vehicle or machinery engines before the year-end shutdown is that you’re able to pick up on any potentially critical issues before they become serious.

By assessing the condition of your engines before going on holiday, you can adequately prepare for any engine-related financial outlays you might be facing due to faulty components requiring replacement.

This is especially important should you be preparing to take on any large-scale, important projects in the first quarter of the new year.

Prevent Loss of Productivity.

Another serious benefit of repairing engines before shutdown is that you’re able to prevent future loss of productivity with pro-active maintenance work.

Too often engine failures are only picked up when there is a critical malfunction – sometimes leaving the item of machinery or vehicle out of action for weeks and even months in some cases.

By seeing to these engines before shut-down, and assessing their general condition, you can action the necessary remedies so long – preventing a future loss of productivity.

Maintain Engines at Cheaper Rates.

A final benefit of sorting out your engines before shut-down is that – in some cases – you can save thousands of Rands by doing so!

Many engine reconditioning experts and engine repairs providers will increase their prices on an annual basis. This increase is usually implemented from January of the new year.

So, by repairing your engines before you and your staff head off for a well-deserved year-end break, you stand to save a pretty penny should your engine repairs provider be increasing their prices in 2019.

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