Popular Engine Parts and Where to Find Them

Automobiles, like most mechanical devices, require maintenance from time to time. If we’re lucky, all we need is an oil change and the replacement of a few filters, and our vehicles are good to go. Other times, however, something critical goes wrong – damaging engine components and rendering the car immobile. When this happens, replacement engine parts are required. Here’s a list of popular engine parts people are always looking for, why buying refurbished engine components is a good idea, and where to get replacement engine parts in a jiffy…


Replacement Engine Parts That Are Always in Demand

Conrod Bearings: Connecting rod bearings are mounted in the big end of the connecting rod, facilitating the rotating motion of the crank pin.

Gaskets: Sealing devices within an engine that include timing cover gaskets, intake manifold gaskets, and exhaust manifold gaskets.

Engine Mountings: Pieces of strong angled metal attached to a vehicle’s shell that hold it’s engine in place.

Manifolds: Essential for the even distribution of air and fuel within each cylinder, as well as mounting the carburetors and fuel injectors (on modern engines)

Pipes & Hoses: Mainly used in older engines, these transport fluids and hot air in and out of the engine – as well as absorbing vibrations between engine and radiator.


Why Buy Refurbished Engine Parts?

Source Rare Engine Parts

Sourcing replacement engine parts from workshops that service engines means you gain access to refurbished parts that the shops don’t sell anymore. You could dig around your local scrapyards, or you could contact engine rebuilding workshops that service cars like the one you need a part for.

Save Money on Maintenance

Most people, when taking their car for maintenance work, will trust that the mechanic is sourcing the best replacement engine parts for the best price available. This, however doesn’t happen in every case. By sourcing your own engine parts, you can ensure you aren’t being overcharged.

Get Access to Professional Advice

By talking to engine refurbishers about your specific engine issue, not only can you get replacement engine parts for less – you’ll receive sound mechanical advice from people who make it their business to know the ins and outs of vehicular engines. Besides, a second opinion never hurt anyone.


Where to Find Replacement Engine Parts

Aftermarket part outlets, like Midas and Goldwagen, sell aftermarket vehicle parts for a range of makes and models. Most engine parts are new, and often require ordering directly from the vehicle’s manufacturers.

Online Engine Part Stockists

You can order popular engine parts online like most other things these days, and there are more than enough providers to ensure you’ll find what your looking for. Make sure you check the part serial numbers to ensure you’re buying the right thing.

Engine Refurbishing Workshops

Another way to find the engine replacement parts you’re looking for is to call your local auto mechanic workshops. They’re always servicing all sorts of cars and engines, and might have a refurbished version of the part you need.


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