Why Choose Accredited Engine Remanufacturers?

While people like Dutch physician Christian Huygens were experimenting with internal combustion engine technology as early as the 1600s, the first gasoline engine that could be run continuously through spark-ignition was developed circa 1859. Since then, the engine remanufacturing and reconditioning industry has grown alongside that of engine manufacturing. So, when faced with the choice between getting your engine refurbished by accredited engine remanufacturers and the back-yard guy down the street, here are a few things to consider…

High Standards.

One serious benefit to using accredited engine remanufacturers is that each and every engine overhaul is performed by adhering strictly to that specific engine manufacturer’s specifications. Accredited engine reconditioners will ensure that each engine part matches the manufacturer’s specs. Should it not be possible to machine engine parts to the next oversize or undersize, due to damage, they are thrown away and replaced.

Peace of Mind.

When using accredited engine remanufacturers associated with national motor industry regulatory bodies, like the Retail Motor Industry Organisation of South Africa, you can rest assured that you – and your engine – are in safe hands! This is because they are able to offer you a warranty on the engine remanufacturing work completed, something few back-yard engine repairers offer.


Arguably the biggest benefit to choosing accredited engine remanufacturers is that, should something go wrong, you’re able to follow up and ensure that the engine remanufacturer is held accountable for their service delivery. An engine is a very temperamental piece of machinery, and one small mistake in the reconditioning process could spell disaster. By choosing accredited service providers, you aren’t left in the dark should the worst happen.

Accredited Engine Remanufacturers in Durban

Eagleharm Engineering was founded in 1970 by Ivan Harmsworth, father to current owners Ryan and Todd Harmsworth. Eagleharm is accredited with the Retail Motor Industry Organisation, the RMI Engine Remanufacturers Association, and the Motor Industry Ombudsman of South Africa. For engine reconditioning done to manufacturer’s specifications, contact Eagleharm Engineering today!